Cool off, play or relax in our large freshwater pool surrounded by a sun terrace with loungers and umbrellas at your disposal. It is the ideal place to simply let the sun caress you, read your favorite book, take a drink, listen to your favorite music or enjoy delicious entrees and refreshing drinks on the terrace by the pool.


poolm2Large pool size: 419 m2

poolmaxdeptLarge pool maximum depth: 1.75 m

poolmindepthLarge pool minimum depth: 0.75 m 




Our separate pool for children is perfect for the most little ones. There, toddlers can enjoy the water, have fun, play and soak by them selves* or in company of their parents with complete security and tranquility. 


poolm2Children pool size: 33.63 m2

poolmaxdept Children pool maximum depth: 0.45 m


* Minor children must always be accompanied and attended by an adult at the pool or in the pool area.